Download Adam4Adam 3.4.6

Adam4AdamIn this day and age of open sexuality, there has been a rise in the number of dating platforms. In the past years, there has been a shooting up of online dating services, which enables users to connect personally with users having similar interests. One such online dating platform is Adam4Adam, it is a website for men with a preference for men, as the name would suggest. Developed in the year 2003, it is a highly popular platform, ranking only behind the number one used website, It was launched by the company called convergent ideas. It is a free for all to use company, that does not charge its users for any features. It only requires its users to create a basic account. The website enables its users to select a location of their choice, and browse suitable partners in that location.

Features of Adam4Adam 3.4.6

1. The Adam4Adam app is free for everyone to use
2. The user can create a personalized profile, which highlights everything, from the location to the ethnic group.
3. The website earns its maintenance revenue, among other things, through advertisements. One of the unique features it has is that it also advertises escort services (talk about open-mindedness)
4. It allows its users to maintain blogs, which talk just about everything.
5. The site promotes various online safety tips, to keep its users informed.
6. The site has been the center of a crime, wherein people used the platform to dupe and then con gay
men, this has now been resolved and the site is totally safe.
7. The site is restricted to adults, ensuring complete safety and privacy of users.

How to download Adam4Adam 3.4.6?

To download the app, click on the below provided link-

Download Adam4Adam